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What is the framework composed of?

Based on the AllJoyn open source project with contributions from Premier and Community Members as well as from the open source community, the framework delivers an open platform and common set of service frameworks for allowing things near you (proximal) to share information seamlessly with each other regardless of operating system, platform, device type, transport layer or brand. It consists of an open source SDK and code base of service frameworks that enable such fundamental requirements as discovery, connection management, message routing and security, ensuring interoperability among even the most basic devices and systems. The initial planned set of service frameworks include: device discovery to exchange information and configurations (learning about other nearby devices); onboarding to join the user’s network of connected devices; user notifications; a common control panel for creating rich user experiences; and audio streaming for simultaneous playback on multiple speakers. In addition, the Alliance is producing developer tools and verifying correct implementation through a compliance program. Workgroups at launch include: Multimedia, Compliance, Basic Services, Core and Developer Tools.

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11 months 2 weeks ago