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What transport layers does AllJoyn work on - Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee, etc.?

The AllJoyn protocol is transport-layer-agnostic. Today, the open source implementation supports physical layers that provide an IP stack—WiFi, WiFi-Direct, Ethernet and Powerline. Support for other transports such as Bluetooth LE, 6LowPan, ZigBee or Z–Wave can be added easily and we encourage contributions in this area from the community to extend AllSeen’s capabilities. Currently, the proposed AllJoyn Gateway Agent will enable the bridging of connections between devices that are on different transports, for example, Bluetooth devices interacting with WiFi devices. All that is required is at least one proximal device that supports both Bluetooth and WiFi, for example, a mobile phone, broadband gateway or other device enabled for both. Bridges can also be used to enable devices that only support legacy protocols to interact with AllJoyn ecosystem of devices. If you are interested in participating in this effort we encourage you to start a dialogue through the technical mailing lists.

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11 months 2 weeks ago