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Why does open source and collaborative development make sense for this work?

Collaborative development and open source software are proven strategies and assets for accelerating new technologies, technology adoption, evolution and deployments in emerging, complex markets. The rapid iteration and broad visibility of open, community-driven activities are proven to result in major advances in technology and better software. A neutral, open source project based on meritocracy has proven over and over to deliver superior results.

According to Gartner, technology is becoming embedded into everything and becoming invisible. By 2020, 30 billion things will be connected as every product more than $100 will be smart, Gartner says. The Internet of Everything means that products from different companies will need to communicate with each other. Consumers and businesses have devices, systems and services from a variety of brands and vendors running in their homes and businesses. The Internet of Everything doesn’t work unless the “everything” works together. Interoperability is key. Through interoperability based on an open framework, consumers and enterprises will be exposed to a new, simple, seamless and universal work of connectivity. This connectivity will enable new experiences and ways of using smart data and products and services. By the time you are home, the house has returned to a comfortable temperature, and the oven you pre-heated from work is already warm. Later that night, when you turn the TV on, it automatically dims the lights to an optimal level. When you go to bed, a single button shuts off all lights you may have forgotten.

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