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Why is it needed?

The Internet has created a level of connectivity and intelligence that no one could have anticipated. This includes connecting devices and systems we know about today and things we can’t even imagine for tomorrow—creating, in effect, the beginnings of the Internet of Things. A major barrier to realizing the full promise of the Internet of Things is the absence of a unified community and universal framework that prioritizes intelligent interoperability across electronic devices and systems regardless of transport layer, platform, operating system, or brand.

“Solutions” for connecting devices today are characterized by proprietary approaches that have created one silo after another, resulting in a lot of highly capable devices and systems that don’t work together. Open source software and pan-industry collaboration have continually proved their ability to advance technologies quickly, spur innovation and to move markets. The technology industry today—from the consumer electronics market to the enterprise—needs a shared framework that allows devices and systems to connect with each other regardless of manufacturer or operating system. Consumers and businesses alike need a simple, seamless experience in connecting and interacting with devices, systems and services.

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