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Android - Control Panel Sample Apps

Running a Controllee

Follow the instructions in the Running - Linux section to build and run the Controllee sample app. This will allow you to run the ControlPanelService Controllee sample on a Linux machine.


Open a terminal and navigate to the AllJoyn™ root dir, then, with an android device connected:

export AJ_ROOT=`pwd`
adb install $AJ_ROOT/services/base/controlpanel/java/sample_applications/android/ControlPanelBrowser/bin/ControlPanelBrowser.apk

Running Android ControlPanelBrowser

The Android ControlPanelBrowser uses the Control Panel service framework and provides a sample implementation of a Control Panel Controller.

  1. Load ControlPanelBrowser.apk, and start app ControlPanelBrowser.

  2. Nearby discovered Controllee devices will appear on-screen.

  3. Select a Controllee from the list, and its widgets will be rendered in the Controller app.

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