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John Cameron

John is VP Product at LIFX, the first AllSeen Alliance member company to bring a certified product to retail. John has spent 18 years building products, partnerships and teams to showcase innovation at the interface of cutting-edge technology and real-world people.

John was a founding partner at Alliance member Two Bulls, overseeing design and delivery of digital products for some of the world's leading brands and innovators from the pre-seed startup stage to successful exit, global brand maturity and beyond. John directed product development in connected play & learning, 3D printing, device discovery, augmented reality, retail point-of-sale, Google Glass and Leap Motion for clients ranging from Sesame Street and Disney to Qualcomm, GE and Groupon. John's background is in Computer Science (Software Engineering) and UI design, successful spin-offs include Breadcrumb (device-connected point of sale, acquired by Groupon), Eiatrack (regulatory tracking for electronics sector, acquired by TIA) and Blokify (consumer 3D printing for Cubify by 3D Systems).

Smart Spaces Working Group Chair
John Cameron
Technical Steering Committee
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11 months 2 weeks ago