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SD Times: Industry Watch: Different Paths to IoT Connectivity

SD Times Editor-in-Chief Dave Rubinstein interviewed Philip DesAutels, senior director of IoT at The Linux Foundation, to inform his story juxtaposing OCF and AllSeen Alliance. 

“'OCF has taken a classic standards approach,' said Philip DesAutels, senior director of IoT at the Linux Foundation and at the AllSeen Alliance. 'We are a classic open-source software project. That’s the fundamental difference. Not the mission, not the technology…that’s largely similar.' So, he added, when organizations look to which effort they will back, the question is, do they value the open-source model and what that enables and creates? Or are they more comfortable in a standards-based world and favor that approach?'

'AllJoyn is in almost 300 million real products in the world, DesAutels said. 'It lives in Surfaces, Xboxes, LG TVs, different WiFi routers… A year and a half ago, we were in 20,000 products, and we’re rapidly heading to the billion number. We’re in a lot of developer tools—specifically I’ll call out Visual Studio. There’s an AllJoyn Studio plug-in for Visual Studio. Because AllJoyn is in there, you can take an AllJoyn product you’ve never seen before, clop it on your desk, open up Visual Studio and AllJoyn, and say, ‘Find that TV,’ like we used to do with Web services. And you can create 80% of the code you need to interact with that TV, minus the business logic.

We do want there to be a standard way, but I say that with a lowercase ‘s’. I want to be able to go to Staples or Lowe’s, buy a bunch of stuff, download some software and make them work together,' DesAutels continued. 'I want to buy a light switch, tape it to the wall, and have it discover my bulbs, without caring about whose light bulbs or switches they are.'"

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