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Oliver Fischer

Oliver Fischer is the Chief Executive Officer of Digital Concepts, a german start-up company. Digital Concepts develops individual control concepts for Smart Home and Smart Business. The aim of each solution is to build a bridge between the various standards and technologies. The result is an integration of the different facilities for maximum comfort and functionality. Digital Concepts is a member of the EnOcean Alliance which manufactures products based on the EnOcean Wireless Standard. EnOcean proves to be a must because of its batteryless self-powered technology and the low wireless energy consumption (energy harvesting). A connection of the EnOcean standard to the TCP/IP world is the basis for a successful integration of EnOcean in the upcoming Internet of Things. At CES 2016, the EnOcean Alliance has shown how the EnOcean radio interacts with AllJoyn, the technical framework of the AllSeen Alliance. The Smart EnOcean Gateway of Digital Concepts linked the different worlds together. further information:

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Germany 

Digital Concepts GmbH
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