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Opportunities For Businesses

The Internet of Things is Changing Everything

Endless Opportunities

Imagine a new generation of software, devices, applications and products able to connect and share information to enable better decisions, create new markets and stimulate new product development and industries we can’t even imagine today. That’s the promise of the Internet of Things—more than 30 billion connected devices changing the way we live, work and learn.

A Trillion Dollar Market

Experts predict that the opportunities growing out of the Internet of Things will add $1.9 trillion to the global economy by 2020. But to realize that promise, businesses need to create devices, services, and apps capable of communicating with each other—regardless of make, model or brand. Innovative companies that integrate AllJoyn® into their products automatically join this growing ecosystem, which grows in value with each new addition.

Explore How AllJoyn is Being Used

Leading technology companies, including Microsoft, LGE, and Two Bulls, are already using the power of AllJoyn to make their products better.

To learn more about what they’re doing, click any of the document links below. You’ll quickly see how your products can also use AllJoyn to connect easily to the Internet of Things.

Browse AllJoyn Case Studies

Business Brief: Solving the IoT Problem with AllJoyn®

Connecting Smart TVs the Easy Way: An AllJoyn® Case Study About LGE

Controlling Connected Devices: An AllJoyn® Case Study About Two Bulls

Extending IoT in Windows 10: Case Study Microsoft

Connecting Lighting for Manufacturers and Consumers, LIFX

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Members of the Alliance help guide the framework’s development in keeping with open source software governance and best practices. Project membership is open to anyone. Click to learn more about membership levels and opportunities for participation.

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