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Roberto Dorigo

Roberto Dorigo is VP of Global Technology Center (GTC) at Electrolux. The GTC provides shared competences focused on cross-sector innovation in the Group and enhance the consumer product experience. The center is responsible for driving innovation activities within electronics, materials, technology, applications, performance and processes as well as expanding external business-oriented cooperation with leading universities and research institutes. It supports all product lines and identifies the latest technology relevant to the Group’s global appliances.

Roberto holds a magister degrees in Electronic and Microwave Engineering from Padova University. He has about thirty years of experience in R&D and Innovation. Prior to ELECTROLUX Roberto led projects of military telecommunications’ systems in TELETTRA MILITARY. Roberto worked at SIEMENS GROUP as R&D manager in domestic and automotive appliances. He joined ELECTROLUX Group ten years ago as Director of Innovation in the Professional product line. In 2011 he became Vice President of Global Technology Center of Innovation for the ELECTROLUX Group.

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