Our Mission

To enable widespread adoption and help accelerate the development and evolution of an interoperable peer connectivity and communications framework based on AllJoyn for devices and applications in the Internet of Everything.

Top 10 Reasons the AllSeen Alliance is the Leading Internet of Things Initiative

10. The AllSeen Alliance is the broadest, cross-industry open source effort to advance the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything beyond the connected home. The initiative includes more than 100 member companies including leading consumer electronics manufacturers, home appliance makers, automotive companies, Internet of Things cloud providers, enterprise technology companies, innovative startups, chipset manufacturers, service providers, retailers and software developers.

9. The AllSeen Alliance manages the AllJoyn open source project with software code using open standards to enable all the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things to work together. The code is available for download today.  

8. Commercial products use AllJoyn today, from LG HDTVs to LIFX smart light bulbs.

7. This is a thriving technical community. Today members collaborate in nine Working Groups led by different member companies actively working to expand AllJoyn, contributing additional capabilities and enhancements in areas such as security, cloud and smart lighting.  

6. The AllSeen Alliance is a vibrant, collaborative open source effort like Linux. Alliance has released two versions of AllJoyn since its inception, including SDKs for developers. The Alliance also hosts developer HackFests — intensive days of training labs and hands-on coding.

5. The AllSeen Alliance is committed to making the Internet of Everything secure. The latest version of AllJoyn — 14.06 — includes additional security features including elliptical curve cryptography.

4. AllJoyn works across platforms ranging from Android to iOS, Linux, OpenWRT Windows, OS X and embedded systems with limited memory and processing power.

3. The AllSeen Alliance has launched “Designed for AllSeen” – a comprehensive certification and compliance program with third-party test labs to ensure smart products in the ecosystem are truly interoperable. By joining a network of companies, products and applications, certified products that display the AllSeen certification mark convey that they are smart products and are part of a truly interoperable ecosystem for the Internet of Everything.

2. The AllSeen Alliance is open to anyone interested in collaborating and contributing to the AllJoyn open source project. It incorporates more than 20 of the most important open technical standards in its work.

1. The code used by the AllSeen Alliance has been open source from the beginning. When everyone jointly develops and uses the same freely available code, companies can develop innovative services on top of it and get to market faster.