The Working Groups represent AllJoyn projects at the AllSeen Alliance and are meritocratic organizations that follow open source best practices to produce code within the scope of the policy as set by the Technical Steering Committee and the Board.  Project Committers make decisions within the Working Group, and elect the Working Group Chair as a leader to represent the Working Group on the Technical Steering Committee.

Analytics and Telemetry Working Group

Chair – John Hardin (Tellient)

The Analytics Working Group develops an open source API and a common implementation to enable and provide device manufacturers with device-level capture and reporting of events, states and other defined data via a secure protocol and gateway to a server-side analytics engine. The group will also provide device owners the ability to view usage information about enabled AllJoyn devices on their proximal network

Base Services Working Group

Chair – Greg Burns (Qualcomm)

The Base Services Working Group develops the basic services such as Notifications, Control Panel, Configuration and Onboarding that depend on the AllJoyn core; other high-level services can also build upon these services.

Compliance and Certification Working Group

Chair – Telis Kaleas (Qualcomm)

The Compliance and Certification Working Group develops guidelines and conducts reviews on compliance-related software, tools, test plans and documentation for testing and certification requirements for AllJoyn code at the AllSeen Alliance.

Connected Lighting Working Group

Chair – Marc Alexander (LIFX)

The Connected Lighting Working Group develops the Lighting Service interface which is implemented on a target device, more specifically a lamp. A typical lamp is an AllJoyn thin client device. The interface allows a controller device to control the lamp by turning it on or off, changing its color, hue, saturation, brightness, etc. Connected Lighting has many benefits to consumers including energy savings, setting mood or ambiance, convenience, personalization, and interoperability with other connected devices.

Core Working Group
Security 2.0

Chair – Marcello Lioy (Qualcomm)

The Core Working Group develops the AllJoyn client and routing node software that other services build upon.

Data-Driven API Working Group

Chair – Dominique Chanet (Technicolor)

The Data-driven API Working Group develops the Data-driven API for AllJoyn (DDAPI) which will be used to create a simplified AllJoyn API that operates at a higher conceptual level than the current API.  Reducing the overall number of distinct API concepts a developer has to understand when programming for AllJoyn will reduce the steepness of the learning curve and attract more developers to the AllSeen ecosystem.

Developer Tools Working Group

Chair – Mathew Martineau (Qualcomm)

The Developer Tools Working Group develops and creates software tools that help AllSeen Alliance contributors and developers of AllJoyn applications.

Gateway Agent Working Group

Chair – Art Lancaster (Affinegy)

The Gateway Working Group develops and creates the gateway agent which provides a standard and secure, remote access method for AllJoyn devices and applications to connect to external/cloud services, PAN technologies, other networks.  No need to go out to the cloud to talk to devices right near you.

Smart Home Working Group

Chair – Jun Zhang (Haier)

The Smart Home Working Group develops an AllJoyn smart home service framework focusing on the centralized management aspects based on AllJoyn, including both smart home client API and smart home server API. The device implements AllJoyn smart home server API acting as the central control and management point for home appliances operating in the home network that implement AllJoyn smart home client API. The smart home server in the smart home system provides a number of connected-home services for home appliances. Smart home app developers can develop their own application with preferred UIs.