Showcase of AllJoyn-enabled Products

Many AllSeen Alliance members and other companies are integrating the AllJoyn software framework into their products to highlight how smart things can discover, expose their capabilities and work together.


For the BEST AllJoyn experience, please see the full list of AllJoyn Certified Products. AllJoyn Certified ensures that your products work together to seamlessley great experiences! 




The products below are publicly announced and AllJoyn enabled. 

  • Video and Smart TV Enablement
    • Innopia MagicCast (in-market, Model No. IMT-350D, Services: AllJoyn v14.12 Core, Routing, About, Control Panel, Notification (Consumer/Producer), Audio (Speaker), Lighting Controller)


If you have a product that uses the AllJoyn software framework, please email! This opportunity is open to both members as well as non-members.