Creating the framework to power the Internet of Things is only possible with contributions across industries. The work done by the AllJoyn® community (and the Technical Steering Group) is organized by area. Working Groups are the coordinating organizations for each major work area. They are responsible for aligning the work of the each group's projects, focused on specific technical deliverables.

The Alliance's Working Groups and Projects are meritocratic and follow open source best practices to produce code within the scope of the policies set by the Technical Steering Committee. Projects are proposed to and approved by the Technical Steering Committee. Every project has one or more committers. These project committers make decisions within the Working Group, and elect the Working Group Chair as a leader to represent the Working Group on the Technical Steering Committee.

Core Working Group

Chair – Marcello Lioy (Qualcomm)

The Core Working Group develops the AllJoyn client and routing node software that other services build upon.

Common Frameworks Working Group

Chair - Aaron Vernon (Two Bulls)

The Common Frameworks Working Group develops the basic services such as Notifications, Control Panel, Configuration and Onboarding that depend on the AllJoyn core; other high-level services can also build upon these services.

Smart Spaces Working Group

Chair - John Cameron (LIFX)

Gateway Working Group

Chair – Art Lancaster (Affinegy)

The mission of the Gateway Working Group is to develop and provide standard and secure interfaces between AllJoyn devices in a proximal network and other IOT protocols, external networks, remote access and cloud services.  A key objective of the working group is to retain AllJoyn's privacy and security benefits while enabling a wide range of external services.  The scope includes everything from remote user experiences, telemetry, update services and interoperability bridges between AllJoyn and other protocols.

Compliance and Certification Working Group

Chair - Ram Jeyaraman (Microsoft)

The Compliance and Certification Working Group develops guidelines and conducts reviews on compliance-related software, tools, test plans and documentation for testing and certification requirements for AllJoyn code at the AllSeen Alliance.

Developer Support Working Group

Chair - OPEN

The Developer Support Working Group develops and creates software tools that help AllSeen Alliance contributors and developers of AllJoyn applications.

Discussion Groups

These are formative efforts exploring areas of interest for the Alliance membership.