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Thank you for your interest in becoming an AllJoyn Ambassador.

Ambassador Profile

Someone who is passionate about AllJoyn and recognized for their expertise and willingness to help others learn about the framework and our community. Usually hands-on practitioners. Someone who has the characteristics of being helpful, hopeful and humble. People like bloggers, influencers, evangelists who are already engaged with the project in some way. Contributing to forums, online groups, community, etc. AllSeen Alliance membership is required.

Selection Process

Apply using the form below. Ambassadors will selected by the TSC from those who apply with a small number of AllJoyn Ambassadors selected to be the primary point of contact in a particular region.


  • Be a go-to resource for people interested in AllJoyn
  • Help local users learn more about AllJoyn
    • Organize and host local AllJoyn Users Group meetups (with resources from the AllSeen Alliance)
  • Represent the community publicly


AllJoyn Ambassador Application

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