Largest Cross-Industry Effort to Advance the Internet of Everything Grows to 80 Members, Extends Alliance’s Core Competencies

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 5, 2014 — The AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry collaboration to advance the Internet of Everything through an open source software project, today announced that nine new companies have joined the initiative — dog hunter, FengLian, ForgeRock®, INSTEON, MobilityLab, NETGEAR, Organic Response, Quanta Computer and VeriSign, Inc. With the addition of these new members the Alliance totals 80 companies and 12 sponsored members.

The AllSeen Alliance has been rapidly building out its membership to address various areas of need and opportunity in the Internet of Everything, such as security, connected lighting and networking infrastructure. ForgeRock and Verisign join Symantec and other Alliance members working on ways to address privacy and security in the new era of ubiquitous connected devices. INSTEON and Organic Response join the Alliance’s roster of innovative lighting companies, including LIFX and LightFreq. In October, the Alliance announced an initiative, the Connected Lighting Working Group, that is developing ways for IP-enabled, multi-color and energy-efficient LED light bulbs to work in creative new ways with each other and things including televisions, home security systems, home appliances, smoke detectors and door locks.

“The size, breadth and diversity of the AllSeen Alliance’s membership continues to grow. The Alliance includes some of the best-known brands in the world,” said Joe Speed, director, IoT, AllSeen Alliance. “The inclusion of such a broad range of industry leaders demonstrates the industry’s enthusiasm for rallying around and advancing an open, universal platform for smart homes and businesses.”

AllSeen Alliance members are collaborating to advance the seamless connection of a range of objects and devices in homes, cars and businesses by building out an open source software framework, called AllJoyn®. Through code that is available today and continuously updated through contributions by members and the open source community, AllJoyn acts as a common language for devices to interact regardless of brand and other infrastructure considerations.

More about the members:

dog hunter specializes in the design, development and production of IoT WiFi modules and in the development of control and sensor management solutions for educational, hobby, industrial sectors, automotive and consumer products. Established in 2010, dog hunter is one of the few companies to develop, produce and distribute on a global scale IoT WiFi modules based on Qualcomm technology through its brand Linino. dog hunter has locations in the US, Europe and Taiwan.

“We’re excited to bring our knowledge of IoT and open source experience to the AllSeen Alliance,” said Federico Musto, CEO, dog hunter. “What we are experiencing is a genuine cultural revolution. To achieve the level of interoperability we need to move IoT forward, it’s crucial that we all work together. The Alliance is the place to make that happen and dog hunter is ready to contribute with its know-how and design creativity.”

FengLian is a leading commercial WiFi and intelligent home product and support provider in China. The company’s Linux-based HB300 intelligent WiFi system holds leading share in the Chinese market. FengLian has established close cooperation with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, and also cooperates with Haier and other household electrical appliances manufacturers success building an intelligent gateway platform based on WiFi.

“The AllSeen Alliance provides us unprecedented opportunities for building an intelligent home network based on WiFi,” said Lu Dong, CEO, FengLian. “It also makes it possible for multi-device interaction of NOS to become more extensive and convenient.”

ForgeRock provides identity relationship management solutions to help companies and government organizations secure relationships across the Web. Identity and access management services were traditionally built for a company’s internal use, to assist with manual on and off boarding, and establish access privileges to company data and systems behind the firewall. ForgeRock helps enterprises to implement a dynamic identity and access management solution that secures and personalizes services for not only employees, but customers, partners, and devices, regardless of location.

“The rise of the Internet of Things is driving colossal growth in the number of smart devices, which complicates identity and access management,” said Lasse Andresen, Co-founder and CTO.  “We’re excited to join the AllSeen Alliance and help businesses figure out how to deliver services to millions of connected things in a secure and scalable manner.”

INSTEON provides networking technology for the connected home. Its product line includes more than 200 devices, from lamp dimmers to thermostats and LED bulbs. With its dual-band and simulcast mesh technology for wireless communication, INSTEON has created an Internet of Things platform for lighting control, leak, door and motion sensing, garage door control and other applications.

“To realize the promise of a connected home, we need an interoperable ecosystem in which a wide range of devices and systems can easily connect and seamlessly share information in a simple, transparent way,” said Joe Dada, CEO, INSTEON. “The AllSeen Alliance is providing a collaborative forum for development and innovation to rapidly bring the Internet of Everything to life.”

MobilityLab is focused on developing the next-generation enterprise mobility solution – MobileSputnik, which turns iPad and Android tablets into the true integrated enterprise mobile workplaces. MobileSputnik combines familiar PC capabilities for daily work with files and mails together with innovative models of real-time cross platform file sharing and broadcasting.

“AllSeen technology allows us to build an app which gives our customers new and exciting ways of collaboration and content exchange,” said Sergey Orlik, Managing Director at MobilityLab. “We are glad to be a part of the technical community making the Internet of Things a reality.”

NETGEAR is a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers. For consumers, the company makes high-performance networking, storage, smart home security and digital media products to connect people with the Internet and their content and devices. For businesses, NETGEAR provides networking, storage and security solutions without the cost and complexity of big IT, and also supplies top service providers with retail-proven, mobile broadband solutions for their customers on the go. NETGEAR products are built on a variety of proven technologies such as wireless, Ethernet and Powerline and are sold in approximately 45,000 retail locations around the globe and through approximately 36,000 value-added resellers.

“We believe that in the next two or three years, connected devices will become more and more popular,” said Pat Collins, Vice President of Home Automation Products at NETGEAR. “But for the connected home and business to really take off, the industry must agree on common ways for all these smart devices to communicate with each other. The AllSeen Alliance is a leader in this effort, and we’re excited to participate.”

Organic Response is a sensor-based lighting control system that uses distributed intelligence to maximize energy savings and occupancy comfort. By utilizing distributed intelligence, it has delivered a plug and play system that requires no wiring or commissioning to deliver simple but sophisticated lighting control. A key aspect of the technology is the smart sensor network, called the Occupancy Information Cloud, that is created when Organic Response enabled lighting is installed. This enables each light fixture to be continuously aware of what is happening within the broader network, and as such is ideally suited to a fast and exciting transition into the Internet of Everything.

“We are particularly excited about joining the Alliance. It is this type of collaboration that will make the Internet of Everything a positive contributor to our high tech transition in a resource-constrained economy.” said Danny Bishop, CTO and Co-Founder of Organic Response. “The future is connected. The AllSeen Alliance will allow members’ products to deliver exponential value to the customer that would simply not be achievable otherwise.”

Quanta Computer, a Fortune Global 500 Company, is the largest manufacturer of notebook computers. With its leading technology, Quanta Computer has extended its product offerings ranging from information, communication, networking, consumer electronics and car electronics to cloud computing solutions. Founded in 1988, Quanta Computer is headquartered in Taiwan with over 100,000 employees worldwide.

“An open source, collaborative initiative like the AllSeen Alliance is what we believe an important gateway to enable connectivity across a variety of devices. We strive to serve our branding customers with open industrial standards in the fast-growing IoT market,” said Terrisa Chung, GM and Vice President, Quanta Computer.

VeriSign, Inc. is a global leader in domain names and Internet security. For more than 15 years, Verisign has operated the infrastructure for a portfolio of top-level domains that today includes .com, .net, .tv, .edu, .gov, .jobs, .name and .cc, as well as two of the world’s 13 Internet root servers. Verisign’s product suite also includes Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection Services, iDefense Security Intelligence Services and Managed DNS.

“Verisign has a long-standing commitment to the security and stability of the Internet and is pleased to be working with the AllSeen Alliance to foster a secure, trusted and reliable Internet of Things,” said Dan Schonfeld, Vice President of Product Management for Verisign. “As our industry continues to evolve, initiatives such as the AllSeen Alliance are laying the groundwork which will be critical for a resilient infrastructure that enables the Internet of Things.”

The AllSeen Alliance also welcomes new sponsored member Korea Electronics Technology Institute.

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