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Community Blog Series: EnOcean Alliance at CES 2016


EnOcean Alliance, a member of the AllSeen Alliance, is a consortium of 400 companies dedicated to further developing and promoting self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems for sustainable buildings by formalizing the interoperable wireless standard.

At CES 2016, EnOcean Alliance will showcase its progress in integrating the energy harvesting wireless standard into the Internet of Things AllJoyn framework. In the AllSeen Alliance Pavilion, Sands Expo booth 71836, there will also be a demo where you can see a battery-less IoT working in real life.

We had the chance to chat with Graham Martin, EnOcean Chairman for strategic focus, and Oliver Fischer, CEO of Digital Concepts for technical focus, about their plans for CES 2016:

What excites EnOcean Alliance about being a part of the AllJoyn ecosystem?

The open AllJoyn framework was built to bring all of the different communication levels in an intelligent system seamlessly together. AllSeen Alliance’s open source project has already attracted multiple large consumer and smart home players. Through this collaboration, the AllJoyn framework will become the vital solution for an IoT with high user acceptance. We’re excited for the EnOcean Alliance to be a part of this strong ecosystem that is actively supporting and accelerating progress with actual implementations based on AllJoyn, and running the market’s fastest speed to the IoT.

What is EnOcean Alliance showcasing at CES 2016?

At the AllSeen Alliance booth, the EnOcean Alliance will show the advancements of a battery-less IoT. Our Smart EnOcean Gateway from Digital Concepts connects the EnOcean energy harvesting wireless standard with IP for integration into the AllJoyn communication framework. This means users can control smart household appliances such as fridges, stoves or coffee machines, as well as multimedia, directly via battery-less switches, sensors or the smart phone. The technology used with the individual components is less important to users as the seamless connectivity within their “smart” home – the main concept of the IoT. At the booth, Digital Concepts will show three live, intelligently networked smart home demos – bathroom, kitchen and living room – integrating different household appliances controlled via several battery-less sensors and switches powered by the environment.




What do you hope people will learn about the EnOcean Alliance and AllJoyn?

With the EnOcean Alliance’s membership, the organization introduced a complete ecosystem of more than 400 players of the smart building industry, based on an international standard, to the AllSeen Alliance world. This allowed the two partners to realize real-life IoT demos very quickly and easily to show the possibilities of this collaboration. The EnOcean Alliance combines its expertise in battery-less wireless smart buildings and smart homes with the AllSeen Alliance approach of an interoperable, standard-crossing communication platform connecting everything. The partnership between the AllSeen Alliance and the EnOcean Alliance is an industry role model for close collaboration, joining forces and experiences and breaking down the barriers of limiting competition. This approach of openness and partnership on a common level is essential for successfully realizing the IoT.

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