INSTEON provides networking technology for the connected home. Its product line includes more than 200 devices, from lamp dimmers to thermostats and LED bulbs. With its dual-band and simulcast mesh technology for wireless communication, INSTEON has created an Internet of Things platform for lighting control, leak, door and motion sensing, garage door control and other applications.

Why did you join the AllSeen Alliance?

In November 2014, Insteon joined the AllSeen Alliance to utilize its collaborative and transparent forum to help develop the future of the Internet of Things. The AllSeen Alliance provides an open, universal language that supports the booming home automation industry and Insteon’s ultimate goal is to make life simple by bringing all connected devices into elegant command, so it’s a perfect alignment of efforts.

What does your company hope to achieve through its participation in the Alliance?

Above all, Insteon wants home automation to be simple. Our incorporation into the Allseen Alliance furthers that goal. Insteon joined the AllSeen Alliance to continue to expand its 200+ offerings and provide seamless integration with new devices for current and future Insteon customers. With the countless connected devices coming to market, Insteon is working with the AllSeen Alliance to provide simple and reliable technology that can be leveraged by others.

What contributions is your company making to the project?

Insteon has made a number of contributions to the Alliance, including the recent announcement of its open API that can be accessed by developers who want to build upon Insteon’s technology. The idea is to open the door to creativity and further exciting developments in the connected home arena.

Additionally, Insteon continues to work with the Alliance on various AllJoyn-enabled product developments. Most recently, Insteon announced the release of the AllJoyn-enabled Insteon Hub. The AllJoyn-enabled Insteon Hub makes it easy for developers to integrate their own applications with the Windows 10 AllJoyn SDK and communicate with the entire Insteon product line.

Can you describe the Internet of Everything?

From Insteon’s point of view, the Internet of Everything is a highly connected lifestyle where individuals can seamlessly control and customize their devices from anywhere in the world. When you leave for the day, your devices should notice your location change and turn off all of the lights, turn off the TV, shut down the A/C, close the garage door, lock the doors, and many other actions.

Insteon and the members of the AllSeen Alliance have been continuously developing and building out solutions to fit various areas of need and opportunity in the home automation sector. As a result of this progress, we believe that a majority of homes will include home automation solutions by the next decade. We believe the connected lifestyle is here, and we’ll be seeing many more innovations come to life.

Why is open source software and collaborative development important for advancing the Internet of Everything?

As smart homes are rapidly becoming the standard, it is crucial to develop a universal language where all devices can communicate in a simple, reliable way. Insteon knows that the connected home needs an interoperable ecosystem in which a wide range of devices and systems can easily connect and seamlessly share information in a simple, transparent way. The AllSeen Alliance is providing a collaborative forum for development and innovation that furthers these efforts.

How will the work of the AllSeen Alliance impact the industry in the short term? In the long term?

As an open-source consortium, we believe the AllSeen Alliance is driving the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things and supporting the development of a universal platform. The Alliance helps fuel innovation by providing a place where companies can network, come together to solve programs and find new integrated solutions for tomorrow’s connected home.