Red Bend Software is a community member of the AllSeen Alliance and a leader in mobile software management. More than 2 billion Red Bend-enabled devices use the company’s software and services for firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updating, application management, device management, device analytics and mobile virtualization. Customers include more than 100 leading manufacturers, mobile operators, semiconductor vendors and automotive companies worldwide.

Why did Red Bend join the AllSeen Alliance?
The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming one of the most important industry trends providing connectivity and services to all kinds of devices in all kinds of industries.  With this also comes many challenges, such as fragmentation. The Allseen Alliance can strategically address current and future challenges associated with IoT. Red Bend joined the AllSeen Alliance to help solve today’s and future challenges with contributions based on our experience in mobile software management resulting in a beneficial relationship for both Red Bend and the AllSeen Alliance.

What does Red Bend hope to achieve through its participation in the Alliance?
We are moving to a world where we are surrounded by connected computing devices that support how we work, how we live and how we interact with each other. Everything from cars to electrical appliances is becoming connected to better serve our needs. Furthermore, the amount of software in these devices is constantly increasing. To stay relevant, the devices must be able to respond to the changing needs of consumers, and this means the software must be updated frequently. Red Bend believes in a world where connected computing devices are enhanced frequently, instantly, comprehensively, and in a user-friendly manner so that they enrich our daily lives. The Allseen Alliance is a perfect platform to reach many of those devices and create an open source communications framework that will enable those devices to be part of a wider eco-system and provide them also the ability to be updated.  

What contributions is Red Bend making, or is considering making, to the project?
Red Bend is going to contribute to the Allseen Alliance the following elements:

  • Software Management Interface – The interface between an Update Service and an Update Agent.
  • Sample AllJoyn Update Agent – The update agent runs on the AllJoyn device and is allows the device to receive the update from the Update Service and perform the update. The update agent will be implemented on an AllJoyn reference platform.
  • Sample AllJoyn Update Service for Android – The Update Service is a sample application running on Android device that provides update services to the Update Agent connected via the AllJoyn network.

Why is security so important to the Internet of Everything?
One of the factors that can risk IoT adoption is the security. Imagine that the connectivity to your home device enables unauthorized hackers to get in and manipulate your TV or Refrigerator.  This lack of security will thwart the adoption of IoT. Measurements of security (e.g. cryptographic keys, encryptions) adopted by the Allseen Alliance framework can drastically eliminate security risks enabling safe and secure communication and over-the-air updates.    

Can you describe the Internet of Everything? Can you help us understand how our homes and business might function 10 years from now because of AllJoyn and the Alliance?
Basically the Internet of Everything is about connecting embedded devices to the Internet backbone providing people with new services and applications. In 10 years from now all the functions in the home will be connected and controlled remotely. Including, for example, stream information from your home to the infotainment system in your car and  your wearable. The AllSeen framework will enable OEM, ODM and service providers to quickly overcome the barrier of interoperability and deploy services and applications across locations, devices and regions.  

Why is open source software and collaborative development important for advancing the Internet of Everything?
Open source software is important to minimize fragmentation so companies can join forces and collaborate on ideas, technologies, and experiences in order for IoT to become a reality more quickly.

How will the work of the AllSeen Alliance impact the industry in the short term? In the long term?
In the short term, it will enable companies to implement an open-source framework that will increase the adoption of the IoT and form the basic foundation of IoT connectivity. In the long term, this can be a base for the creation of a value-added service that will take the IoT to the next level. For example, the Internet, where companies such as Google and Facebook built on the fact that billions of people are connected to the Internet are also in IoT. The foundation of connectivity will enable new companies to offer innovative services and applications.