The Internet of Things is changing the way we live in dramatic and exciting ways. And AllJoyn®-enabled products make it easy to set up a smart home, link multiple devices, and simply connect to the IoT. IoT and the Smart Home will be a major theme at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and several AllSeen Alliance members will be showcasing their cutting-edge smart home solutions in the AllSeen Alliance Pavilion, at Sands Expo Center booth 71836, including: 

Sean Fetherston, Director of Sales for Heaven Fresh Canada, provides intelligent air purification and filtration systems for the home.

Kelven Pan, CEO of POWERTECHthrives to develop new technologies and integrated solutions for power-related products with a product line that ranges from surge protection to power management.

Jordan Wyatt, Founder of y8studio, creators of Prefab Passive House, a high-performance sustainable home. Inspired by the rigorous Passive Building building standard, Prefab Passive House leverages the latest smart home technologies to further optimize energy use and comfort.

What excites your company about being a part of the AllJoyn® ecosystem?

Sean Fetherston: As a small company, Heaven Fresh has the opportunity to capitalize on the experience, knowledge, and technical contributions of all AllSeen Alliance members. Also, the interoperability of the AllJoyn products coming to life right out of the box is very exciting.

Kelven Pan: The collaboration of POWERTECH and AllJoyn can bring the most innovative power solution to the smart home market. These AllJoyn-enabled solutions will definitely make the customers top of the line in the completion of being the leader of the Internet of Things.

Jordan Wyatt: y8studio is excited to be a part of the AllJoyn ecosystem because of its open-source foundation and mission to make IoT interoperability a reality. These principles will ensure homes remain connected through energy use and help to shape a more sustainable future.

What is your company showcasing at CES 2016?

Sean Fetherston: At CES, we are showcasing AllJoyn-enabled home comfort appliances such as Heaven Fresh air purifiers and humidifiers. We will also showcase interoperability through a variety of devices and software from other companies in our booth. These demos will include controlling our Heaven Fresh devices with Amazon Echo using voice commands.

Kelven Pan: POWERTECH will demonstrate the latest AllJoyn adoption of appliance manufacturers and retrofit solutions for home appliances in AllSeen Alliance’s booth at CES. We will feature a live demo showcasing a real smart home scenario.

Jordan Wyatt: At CES, y8studios will showcase our soon-to-launch Prefab Passive House. The Prefab Passive House is a modular and high-performance home that embraces AllJoyn technology to offer a turnkey, modern sustainable home for everyone.

What do you hope people will learn about your company and AllJoyn?

Sean Fetherston: Heaven Fresh hopes that by visiting the AllSeen Alliance Pavilion, people will experience the power of collaboration and the interoperability of various AllJoyn products.

Kelven Pan: POWERTECH hopes people can learn how these user-oriented solutions can benefit the smart home market and make everyday lives more convenient.

Jordan Wyatt: We are hopeful that people will learn how y8studios and AllJoyn work together to make home automation systems (often expensive and cumbersome) more intuitive and energy efficient. We’re excited to showcase these systems in our Prefab Passive House, making home automation more accessible than ever before.