Two Bulls, a member of the AllSeen Alliance, is a leading boutique digital production solutions company specializing in the Internet of Things. With offices in New York, Berlin, and Melbourne, Two Bulls works with the world’s leading companies – from the most respected large enterprises to the most innovative startups – to build great products and solve problems. We chatted with Two Bulls co-founders Noah Harlan and James Kane about Higgns, an interoperable configuration, management, and control system for IoT products that can be used by OEMs and service providers to power their solutions. Higgns will be featured in the AllSeen Alliance Pavilion during CES 2016, Sands Expo Center booth 71836.

What excites you about being a part of the AllJoyn® ecosystem?

As a fully open-source and community-managed project, AllJoyn is the most vital IoT framework available. The technology underpinning the framework is powerful and designed for IoT from the ground up and is being constantly expanded and improved by the members of the community. Any party who uses AllJoyn benefits from the combined experience, knowledge, and perspective of many of the most important players across different industries. Two Bulls has taken a leading role in the AllSeen Alliance demonstrating the power of AllJoyn at the software layer through our logical engine Higgns, our participation in public events on behalf of the Alliance, and my (Noah’s) service on the Board of Directors of the Alliance representing the nearly 200 companies that make up the AllJoyn Community Members. The AllSeen Alliance is a place where we can play a vital role in developing something for which the opportunity and demand are large and the community is still young.

AllJoyn’s openness means competitors are now working jointly to define protocols that, if the protocol were owned by either party, they would never do. Everyone will benefit – consumers, developers, OEMs – when the barriers to interoperability are reduced and competitors will compete on their products, not their protocols.

What are you showcasing at CES 2016?

Two Bulls IoT application, Higgns, will be powering the Allseen Alliance Pavilion this year, as we have at IFA and IoT World. Higgns connects and coordinates the interactions amongst the great AllJoyn devices and services being showcased in the Alliance booth by AllSeen members including LG, LIFX, Microsoft, Philips, Honeywell, Electrolux, LeGrand, and many others.

What do you hope people will learn about Two Bulls and AllJoyn?

Two Bulls is the leading software developer in the AllJoyn ecosystem. Our logical engine, Higgns, is the coordination that stitches together devices and services from different manufacturers into powerful solutions. It has beautiful and intuitive interfaces that are reskinnable and its powerful internal connectivity, configuration, and logical features can run on almost any hardware to provide a more powerful set of IoT solutions for our client’s customers.