Last month, the AllJoyn® Ankara Meetup group hosted its first meeting of 2016. Organized by AllJoyn Ambassador Fatih Aksel from Onbiron, and hosted by Premier AllSeen Alliance member Arcelik, the Meetup provided an introduction to the Internet of Things and open source. It also served as a great primer for those new to the IoT space and the Alliance.

Due to strong interest in the topic and a thriving maker community in Turkey, the Meetup attracted 50 participants from the Ankara tech scene, IoT companies, hardware producers, academics, Ph.D. candidates, and cloud service developers.

The evening comprised two presentations, including an introduction to AllSeen Alliance and the AllJoyn open-source software platform, and a second more technical presentation covering architecture, core libraries, and services. The presentations were followed by lively discussions in a Q&A session about the technology and Alliance.

We look forward to hearing more stories like this from the Ankara Meetup group, furthering the IoT ecosystem, one collaborative discussion at a time. Find the AllJoyn User Group Meetup nearest you at