In the Internet of Everything, AllJoyn™ Enables the “Internet of Things Near You”

AllJoyn is an open source project that provides a software framework and set of Services that enable interoperability among connected products and software applications, across manufacturers, to create dynamic proximal networks.  By integrating the AllJoyn framework codebase, manufactures can offer interoperable products and services that will engage and delight users in new, exciting and useful ways. The range of consumer products the AllSeen Alliance can enable is only limited by the imaginations of innovative companies – from the mobile devices consumers always have with them, to the appliances and media equipment in their homes, to the electronics in their cars and the office equipment in their workplaces.

Flexible, Dynamic, Forward Compatible

  • Includes core building blocks and contributed Services, which dramatically simplify discovery, connectivity management, security and management of ad-hoc proximal networks among nearby devices
  • AllJoyn is designed to enable Service-level discovery, capabilities broadcasting, remote procedure calls, interface sharing, all benefits of Wi-Fi security, message marshaling
  • Ability to react to dynamic, ad-hoc network changes, which enables connections to persist as devices join and depart
  • Not just a low-level communications protocol
  • Solves higher-level problems

Enables Horizontal Market Interoperability

  • Cross-platform, cross-brand, cross-physical layers
  • Bridging ecosystems for individual markets and product categories
  • Discover new use cases and create new business models
  • Interoperable across leading OS and embed devices like small home appliances that don’t run an OS
  • Bearer agnostic
  • Devices can interact regardless of how they are connected – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Powerline, etc.