6 Best Divi Alternatives In 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Are you looking for the best Divi alternatives? Read on.

Divi is a versatile WordPress theme that includes a robust page builder and numerous resources to expedite website creation.

Still, some users don’t find it suitable for their requirements to create an awesome website for their clients.

So, here are the best alternatives of Divi to help you get started.

Divi alternatives

What Are The Best Divi Alternatives Of 2023?

Here is a quick list of Divi alternatives to help you navigate and read more about each WordPress page builder.

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. Oxygen Builder
  4. Thrive Architect
  5. SeedProd
  6. GeneratePress

1. Elementor

Elementor is a top contender as an alternative to Divi Builder. It caters to a wide range of users including freelancers, small businesses, enterprises, and eCommerce stores.

Elementor Official Website

The platform offers a visual form builder to increase website traffic, leads, and conversions. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to create visually striking landing pages.

Features of Elementor:

  • Block-kits – templates
  • Global widgets
  • Role manager
  • Reorder blocks
  • Dynamic content and integration with ACF/PODS
  • Popups
  • Global styling

You can also read my article on Elementor review to learn more about it features and benefits

Pros & cons of Elementor:

User-friendly, live drag-and-drop editorThe free version of the plugin has limited features
Includes integration with MailChimp and WooCommerceSome users report occasional bugs and glitches
300+ customizable templatesAdvanced features and add-ons require paid plans
Allows for the creation of limited websites with Elementor Cloud
Integrates with 80+ essential design apps

Pricing of Elementor:

Inside Elementor pricing plans, they offer a free plan with limited access to its features. To access advanced features and additional functionality, the pricing plan starts at $49 per year.

You may also use Elementor pro discount to get a 20% discount on the pro plan.

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a widely used website-building solution that includes a variety of pre-designed WordPress templates that allow for the quick launch of a website by replacing text and images.

Beaver Builder Official Website

It features a frontend drag-and-drop builder giving you full control over website elements. It allows you to design custom landing pages and create unique layouts for each page with ease.

Features of Beaver Builder:

  • WPML integration for translations
  • Multisite network support
  • Compatible with WooCommerce to create an online store
  • Works with your shortcodes and custom widgets
  • Supports custom post types, pages, and posts
  • Saves your custom layout to reuse on other projects

Pros & cons of Beaver Builder:

Pre-built WordPress templates for quick website launchThe free version of the plugin has limited features
Provides a wide range of customization optionsLimited support for custom CSS and JavaScript
User-friendly, drag-and-drop frontend editorSome users report occasional bugs and glitches
Has a large community of users providing support and resources
Customizable layout options for each page

Pricing of Beaver Builder:

The standard plan of Beaver Builder starts at $99 and allows for unlimited website usage.

3. Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder is an emerging page builder that offers advanced features.

Oxygen Builder Official Website

However, it is important to note that this builder may not be suitable for those without coding knowledge, as a good understanding of HTML and CSS is necessary to fully utilize its capabilities.

Additionally, pages built using Oxygen Builder often have faster loading speeds than those built using Divi or Elementor.

Features of Oxygen Builder:

  • Offers powerful visual editing features and tools
  • Access to a vast design library
  • Flexible building elements with dynamic data
  • SEO-friendly and super-responsive designs
  • WooCommerce integration for the online store creation
  • Create custom visual website headers

Pros & cons of Oxygen Builder:

Provides a high level of flexibilityRequires a good understanding of HTML and CSS
The faster loading speed of pages built with Oxygen BuilderIt has a steep learning curve
Offers advanced features and high customizabilityNot suitable for those without coding knowledge
It’s not limited to the WordPress environment

Pricing of Oxygen Builder:

The pricing plan for Oxygen Builder starts at $129 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder that includes editable templates and a variety of elements.

Thrive Architect Official Website

In addition to basic elements such as buttons, columns, and background images, it also features advanced elements like star ratings, pricing tables, custom menus, tables of contents, and more.

The plugin provides a wide range of customization options for core content blocks, including headers, footers, images, and text.

It also includes a front-end design editor that allows you to see how the page appears in real time.

Features of Thrive Architect:

  • Visual page builder with editable templates
  • A wide range of elements including basic and advanced options
  • Large range of customization options for core content blocks
  • Front-end design editor for real-time preview
  • Includes options for conversion optimization such as lead generation forms and landing pages
  • Has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes

Pros & cons of Thrive Architect:

Front-end design editor for real-time previewAdvanced features and add-ons require a paid membership
User-friendly visual page builder with editable templatesSome users report occasional bugs and glitches
Has a user-friendly interface and is easy to useLimited support for custom CSS and JavaScript
Compatible with most WordPress themes
A wide range of elements including basic and advanced options
Large range of customization options for core content blocks

Pricing of Thrive Architect:

  • A single-site license for $67
  • A 5-site license for $97
  • A 15-site license for $147
  • A membership plan that includes access to all Thrive Themes and Plugins for $19/month or $228/year.

5. SeedProd

SeedProd is a premium alternative to Divi that offers a user-friendly custom landing page builder, providing lightning-fast speed and customization.

SeedProd Official Website

With a wide selection of pre-made templates, it allows for the easy creation of custom layouts without the need for coding. It’s optimized for fast loading speed, which can help improve SEO rankings.

Its intelligent design system streamlines the workflow, and it integrates seamlessly with third-party plugins for added convenience.

Features of SeedProd:

  • Super intuitive custom landing page builder
  • Wide selection of pre-made templates for easy creation of custom layouts
  • No coding required
  • Optimized for fast loading speed to improve SEO rankings
  • An intelligent design system that streamlines the workflow
  • Easy integration with third-party plugins
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • Comes with a wide range of customization options
  • Suitable for a wide range of website types, including landing pages, sales pages, and more
  • Mobile responsive designs

Pros & cons of SeedProd:

No coding requiredSome users report occasional bugs and glitches
User-friendly custom landing page builderLimited Third-Party integration
Easy integration with third-party pluginsA premium plugin that requires a paid subscription
Optimized for fast loading speed to improve SEO rankings
Mobile responsive designs
An intelligent design system that streamlines the workflow

Pricing of SeedProd:

  • Pro Plan: starting at $39 per year for one website
  • Pro Plus Plan: starting at $59 per year for three websites
  • Pro Unlimited Plan: starting at $99 per year for an unlimited number of websites
  • Agency Plan: starting at $199 per year for an unlimited number of websites, with access to white-labeling options and priority support.

6. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a lightweight and customizable WordPress theme that can provide a similar experience as Divi.

GeneratePress Official Website

It doesn’t include its own custom visual builder, but it integrates well with the WordPress page builder & block editor plugins, allowing you to use it in conjunction with a visual builder.

GeneratePress also has block-based theme-building functionality, although it may not be as flexible as Divi’s theme-building options.

Features of GeneratePress:

  • Open source and freemium tool
  • Compatible with most the WordPress plugins
  • Lightweight and super responsive
  • Lightning-fast page loading speed
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • Block-based theme builder
  • Offers Gutenberg integration

Pros & cons of GeneratePress:

Block-based theme-building functionalityAdvanced features and add-ons require paid plans
Lightweight and customizableDoes not include its own visual builder
Good for optimizing website speed and performance
Integrates well with the WordPress block editor and page builder plugins
Provides a wide range of customization options

Pricing of GeneratePress:

GeneratePress has a free plan that is available for use indefinitely. The premium plan, which includes additional features and functionality, starts at $59 per year.

Final Thoughts On Divi Alternatives

This concludes my article on Divi alternatives. These platforms are unique and offer features that help the user to build their professional-looking website in no time.

Many of the above-mentioned page builders also offer a free trial so that you can try their platform before taking their paid subscription.

If you still have any questions then do let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Divi is the best WordPress theme?

Divi stands out from other themes in terms of design flexibility, thanks to its visual, drag-and-drop Divi Builder. This allows for building 100% custom designs without the need for custom code, setting it apart from other themes.

Is Astra theme SEO friendly?

Astra is an SEO-optimized WordPress theme with both free and premium versions. The premium version starts at $47. It offers easy customization via the WordPress Customizer and is compatible with major page builders. This makes it a convenient theme for website building.

Are Divi websites slow?

Divi can be fast, thanks to its built-in speed and performance optimization features. These features help to boost your site’s Google PageSpeed scores.

Which is easier Divi or Elementor?

Elementor is easier to use than Divi because of its fixed sidebar and drag & drop element feature.

Is Astra better than Divi?

Astra is lighter and optimized for performance compared to Divi by default. However, if you use Astra with a page builder, the performance difference may be less significant due to the added weight of the page builder on pages using it.

Is Divi better than Gutenberg?

The Gutenberg editor is a suitable alternative for basic content and layout, but a page builder like Elementor or Divi Builder provides better style and spacing control over designs.

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