The goal of the AllJoyn® Ambassadors program is to sustain and grow the worldwide AllJoyn community. Ambassadors are enthusiastic experts who know and use the code and who are willing to share that knowledge with others around the world, with the project providing support and resources to enable that.

AllJoyn Ambassadors represent the project and provide a point of contact for those looking to get involved in the developer community so please feel free to reach out to learn more about how you can get involved.

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Beechwoods Software Inc.

Brad is President, Beechwoods Software Inc.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Boston 


Fatih is the CTO and Co-Founder of Onbiron, an IoT middleware provider company which connect objects to the Internet. Fatih, holds a master's degree (2010) in computer engineering from METU and bachelor’s degree (2006) from Ege University.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Ankara


Josh is Director of Engineering at Affinegy.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Austin


Jun is the Standard Operation Manager at Midea

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Shenzhen


Kelven is General Manager at Powertech.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Taipei

Qualcomm Japan Inc.

Nobu is Director, Engineering at Qualcomm Japan Inc.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Tokyo

Digital Concepts GmbH

Oliver Fischer is the Chief Executive Officer of Digital Concepts, a german start-up company. Digital Concepts develops individual control concepts for Smart Home and Smart Business. The aim of each solution is to build a bridge between the various standards and technologies. The result is an integration of the different facilities for maximum comfort and functionality. Digital Concepts is a member of the EnOcean Alliance which manufactures products based on the EnOcean Wireless Standard. EnOcean proves to be a must because of its batteryless self-powered technology and the low wireless energy consumption (energy harvesting). A connection of the EnOcean standard to the TCP/IP world is the basis for a successful integration of EnOcean in the upcoming Internet of Things. At CES 2016, the EnOcean Alliance has shown how the EnOcean radio interacts with AllJoyn, the technical framework of the AllSeen Alliance. The Smart EnOcean Gateway of Digital Concepts linked the different worlds together. further information:

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Germany 

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Peng (Ryan) Hu is currently a Professor at Seneca College, where he teaches undergraduate courses in Informatics and Security. His current research interests include industrial Internet of Things, smart sensor systems, and green communications. He is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario and holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Toronto

LG Electronics

Subeom is Manager at LG Electronics.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Seoul


Ted is Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft (China).

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Beijing


Yuping Tseng has over 20 years of experience in software development, internet services, and system administration. He has held various appointments at Hewlett-Packard and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, as well as at the University of Illinois. Yuping's expertise in software and internet industry includes information retrieval, data mining, parallel processing, network communication, web development, mobile applications, cloud services, and cluster management.

Prior to joining ThroughTek, Yuping co-founded a company specializing in vertical search engine solutions, and later another startup focusing on big data research. He currently works with emerging IoT opportunities and machine-to-machine communications, leading a growing team of researchers and developers at ThroughTek to develop complete and comprehensive solutions for IoT industries.

Yuping holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, and a BS from National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan.

Meetup Organizer: AllJoyn Taipei