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Building Linux

Getting Started

  • For instructions on how to obtain and build the AllJoyn™ Core source for Linux, go here.
  • For instructions on how to obtain and build the AllJoyn™ Base Services source for Linux, go here. Please note that building Core is a prerequisite for Base Services.

Add the AllJoyn™ framework to an existing app

  • Setup
  export AJ_ROOT=~/alljoyn

  # <TARGET CPU> can be either x86_64, x86, or whatever value you set for CPU= when running SCons.
  export AJ_DIST="$AJ_ROOT/core/alljoyn/build/linux/<TARGET CPU>/debug/dist"
  export NS_DIST="$AJ_ROOT/services/base/notification/build/linux/<TARGET CPU>/debug/dist"
  export CPS_DIST="$AJ_ROOT/services/base/controlpanel/build/linux/<TARGET CPU>/debug/dist"
  export OS_DIST="$AJ_ROOT/services/base/onboarding/build/linux/<TARGET CPU>/debug/dist"
  export SC_DIST="$AJ_ROOT/services/base/services_common/build/linux/<TARGET CPU>/debug/dist"
  • Add header include directories
    -I$AJ_DIST/cpp/inc \
    -I$NS_DIST/notification/inc \
    -I$CPS_DIST/controlpanel/inc \
    -I$OS_DIST/onboarding/inc \
  • Configure linker to include required libs
    -L$AJ_DIST/cpp/lib \
    -L$NS_DIST/notification/lib \
    -L$CPS_DIST/controlpanel/lib \
    -L$OS_DIST/onboarding/lib \
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