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Building on Windows

Getting Started

  • For instructions on how to obtain and build the AllJoyn™ Core source for Windows, go here.
  • For instructions on how to obtain and build the AllJoyn™ Base Services source for iOS, go here. Please not that building Core is a prerequisite for Base Services.

Adding to a new/existing project

Visual Studio 2012, 2013, or 2015

  1. Open Project>Properties.

  2. Click on C/C++.

  3. Edit Additional Include Directories and add $(ALLJOYN_SDK_HOME)\inc.

    NOTE: ALLJOYN_SDK_HOME is the dist directory created by building Core. It is found under build\{OS}\{CPU}\{VARIANT}\.

  4. Select Preprocessor under C/C++.

  5. Edit Preprocessor Definitions and add QCC_OS_GROUP_WINDOWS and UNICODE.

  6. Click on Linker.

  7. Edit Additional Library Directories and add $(ALLJOYN_SDK_HOME)\lib.

  8. Click on Input found under the "Linker" section.

  9. Enter the following libraries: alljoyn.lib;ajrouter.lib;ws2_32.lib;Secur32.lib;crypt32.lib;Bcrypt.lib;Ncrypt.lib;iphlpapi.lib.

  10. Click OK. You are now ready to start using the AllJoyn APIs.


Perform the following steps at a high level. Changes may be needed due to how the existing Makefile is structured.

  1. Open your Makefile.
  2. Create a new variable named ALLJOYN_DIST to point to the AllJoyn SDK.

    ALLJOYN_DIST := <path_to_dist>

  3. Create a new variable named ALLJOYN_LIB to point to the AllJoyn library.

    ALLJOYN_LIBS := -l$(ALLJOYN_DIST)/cpp/lib/alljoyn.lib -l$(ALLJOYN_DIST)/cpp/lib/ajrouter.lib -l$(ALLJOYN_DIST)/cpp/lib/BundledRouter.obj ALLJOYN_REQUIRED_LIBS := -lws2_32.lib -lSecur32.lib -lcrypt32.lib -lBcrypt.lib, -lNcrypt.lib -liphlpapi.lib

  4. Modify CXXFLAGS if present, or add to compile command: -DQCC_OS_GROUP_WINDOWS

  5. Modify the include section to add: -I$(ALLJOYN_DIST)/cpp/inc

  6. Add $(ALLJOYN_LIB) $(ALLJOYN_REQUIRED_LIBS) to the Linker command:

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