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Linux - Running Server Sample App

Running ServerSample


  1. Open a terminal window:
$ # Set {CPU} to the "CPU=" value used when running scons, e.g. x86_64, x86.
$ AJ_CPP_LIB=$AJ_ROOT/core/alljoyn/build/linux/{CPU}/debug/dist/cpp/lib
$ AJ_NOTIFICATION_LIB=$AJ_ROOT/services/base/notification/build/linux/{CPU}/debug/dist/notification/lib
$ AJ_CONTROLPANEL_LIB=$AJ_ROOT/services/base/controlpanel/build/linux/{CPU}/debug/dist/controlpanel/lib
$ AJ_SERVICES_COMMON_LIB=$AJ_ROOT/services/base/services_common/build/linux/{CPU}/debug/dist/services_common/lib

Run the Server Sample App

  1. In the terminal, run ServerSample:

    $ cd $AJ_ROOT/core/alljoyn/build/linux/{CPU}/debug/dist/sample_apps/bin/
    $ ./ServerSample

    The app will continuously print out its values to the terminal.

  2. On an Android device, run the ControlPanelBrowser sample app and select the application from the device list to control features of the air conditioner such as temperature, mode and fan speed:

    On an iOS or Android device, run the NotificationService sample app and select 'Consumer', or on a Linux device run the ConsumerService sample app, to observe notifications sent from the Server Sample. To receive notifications exclusive to Server Sample, the app name set in the .conf file can also entered into the app as shown below in the Android version:

    Notifications are produced by the Server Sample in response to events like changes in settings and the target temperature being reached. Some notifications have actions attached, such as the alert the fan has been left running.

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