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Android - Notification Sample Apps

Running Android NotificationServiceUISample


Open a terminal and navigate to the AllJoyn™ root dir, then, with an android device connected:

export AJ_ROOT=`pwd`
adb install $AJ_ROOT/services/base/notification/java/sample_applications/android/NotificationServiceUISample/bin/NotificationServiceUISample.apk

App Flow

The Android NotificationServiceUISample provides a sample Android implementation of an app that uses the Notification service framework.

You can use the NotificationServiceUISample app to act as a Notification Producer, a Notification Consumer, or both a Producer and Consumer, simultaneously. If you run the app as both a producer and consumer simultaneously, you will be able to send and receive notifications on a single Android device.

Alternatively, you can run the app as a Producer on one device, and as a Consumer on another device.

NOTE: Both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. On two or more devices, load the NotificationServiceUISample.apk, and start app NotificationService UI Sample.

  2. Check the Consumer checkbox for the app instances which will be receiving notifications.

  3. Check the Producer checkbox for the app instances which will be sending notifications.

  4. In an app instance with Producer checked, enter a message and press Send.

  5. All app instances with Consumer checked will receive and display the notification text and message type.

Additional Tips

You can select received notifications from the list to dismiss them or execute an action. Dismissing the notification will stop the producer from broadcasting the notification. To receive a notification with an action, run the ServerSample application (which runs an air conditioner controllee.) From a controller set the mode to 'Fan'. Wait for your notification consumer to receive a notification with the message 'Fan is still running'. Executing the action on this message will present a Control Panel with additional options.

To receive a notification in a different language change the consumer language dropdown to your preferred choice. Note, this will not update notifications that were previously received and are currently displayed in the list. To send a notification in a different language, use the secondary message input and select the language of choice from the producers dropdown.

To see an example of a notification with a url and object path select the audio or icon checkboxes before sending a notification from the producer.

Pressing the "Delete" button will stop the producer from broadcasting the notification with the currently selected message type.

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