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Running Notification Sample - Thin Linux


Run Notification Producer and Consumer

  1. Launch the AllJoyn daemon using the config file to allow thin apps to connect.

    # <TARGET CPU> can be either x86_64, x86, or whatever value you set for CPU= when running SCons.
    cd $AJ_ROOT/core/alljoyn/build/linux/$TARGET_CPU/release/dist/cpp/bin
    # This sets the library path to load the shared library.
     ./alljoyn-daemon &
  2. Launch NotificationConsumerSample (in a new terminal). Ensure LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set as above.

    cd $AJ_ROOT/services/base_tcl/build/release/samples
  3. Launch NotificationProducerSample (in a new terminal). Ensure LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set as above.

    cd $AJ_ROOT/services/base_tcl/build/release/samples

    This won't produce output (run the sample from $AJ_ROOT/services/base_tcl/build/debug/samples for output)

The output from NotificationConsumerSample should look like this:

******************** Begin New Message Received ********************
Message Id: 1000189632
Version: 2
Device Id: 1609870266dc3e02f926ef98623b5126
Device Name: COMPANY GENERIC BOARD 23b5126
App Id: 1609870266DC3E02F926EF98623B5126
App Name: Company A(EN)
Message Type: 2
OriginalSender bus unique name: :qWt-d9Uz.3
Language: en  Message: Hello AJ World.
Language: de-AT  Message: Hallo AJ Welt.
Other parameters included:
Custom Attribute Key: On  Custom Attribute Value: Hello
Custom Attribute Key: Off  Custom Attribute Value: Goodbye
Rich Content Icon Url:
******************** Begin Rich Audio Content ********************
Language: en  Audio URL
Language: de-AT  Audio URL
******************** End Rich Audio Content ********************
Rich Content Icon Object Path: /icon/MyDevice
Rich Content Audio Object Path: /audio/MyDevice
******************** End New Message Received ********************
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