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Android - Onboarding Sample Apps


Build the Android sample apps and deploy them to individual Android devices.

Running Sample Onboarding Server

The Android Onboarding Server (AboutConfOnbServer.apk) provides a sample Android implementation of an app that uses the Onboarding server, to allow the device to be onboarded by another device running the Onboarding client.

NOTE: The Onboarding Server will only work on devices that are capable of acting as a portable hotspot.

  1. On the device to be onboarded, first set up your Wi-Fi hotspot settings. Under Settings > Wireless & networks, select More, then select Tethering & portable hotspot. By default on some devices, this will be an open Access Point (AP) named "AndroidAP".

  2. Configure your Wi-Fi hotspot name, security type, and depending on security type, password, by selecting Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. Setting security type to None or Open will not require a password to be set.

    • The hotspot name should include a prefix of "AJ_" (e.g. "AJ_AndroidAP"), as this prefix is used by the Onboarding service framework to determine which APs are for AllJoyn devices that support the Onboarding service framework.

  3. Load AboutConfOnbServer.apk, and start app Onboarding Server. You should see Wi-Fi hotspot notification bar icon pop up along with the text "Tethering or hotspot active". This device is now ready to be onboarded.

Running Sample Onboarding Client

The Android Onboarding Client provides a sample Android implementation of an app that uses the Onboarding client, to allow the app to onboard another device.

  1. Load OnboardingSampleClient.apk, and start app Onboarding Client.

  2. Press Scan WiFi networks.

  3. Select the Wi-Fi hotspot you configured on the device running the Onboarding Server, and enter a password if needed, then press OK.

  4. Press the Connect to AllJoyn button, then press OK in the popup dialog - 'realm name' here is not important.

  5. A list of AllJoyn apps will be displayed. Long press on the Hello app, and select the Onboarding option.

  6. Enter the Access Point (AP) configuration information for the network that is being onboarded to.

  7. Press Configure to configure the device with the AP information.

  8. Press Connect to have the device connect with the configured AP information.

  9. If properly configured, the other device running the Onboarding Server will be onboarded to the AP, after which the Wi-Fi hotspot notification bar icon disappears and the Wi-Fi icon appears in the notification bar.

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