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Linux - Running Onboarding Sample Apps

Running OnboardingClient and OnboardingService Apps


Build the linux applications and prepare their running environment.

Each terminal environment must be prepared with the following steps:

# Navigate to the AllJoyn root directory to begin
export AJ_ROOT=`pwd`

# <TARGET CPU> can be either x86_64, x86, or whatever value you set for "CPU=" when running SCons.
export TARGET_CPU=$(uname -m)

# <CONFIGURATION> can be either debug or release
export CONFIGURATION=debug

export AJ_DIST="$AJ_ROOT/core/alljoyn/build/linux/$TARGET_CPU/$CONFIGURATION/dist"

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$AJ_DIST/cpp/lib:$AJ_DIST/about/lib:$AJ_DIST/onboarding/lib:$AJ_DIST/config/lib:$AJ_DIST/services_common/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Run the Onboarding Service Sample

In one terminal window, run the Onboarding Service application:


NOTE: The Onboarding Service sample app is just a stub implementation of onboarding, no Wi-Fi switching actually occurs.

Run the Onboarding Client Sample

In the other terminal window, run the Onboarding Client application:


NOTE: The Onboarding Client sample app uses hard-coded configuration values for SSID, passcode, and authtype.

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