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AllJoyn™ Onboarding Framework Interface Definition


The Onboarding interface is implemented by an application on a target device, referred to as an onboardee. A typical onboardee is an AllJoyn™ thin client device. This interface allows the onboarder to send a set of network ID and credentials to the onboardee to allow it to join a target network.

Onboarding Architecture Diagram

NOTE: All methods and signals are considered mandatory to support the AllSeen Alliance Compliance and Certification program.

Call Flows

Using an Android Onboarder

The following diagram illustrates a call flow for onboarding an onboardee using an Android onboarder.

Android Call Flow Diagram

Using an iOS Onboarder

The following diagram illustrates a call flow for onboarding an onboardee using an iOS onboarder.

iOS Call Flow Diagram

Error Handling

The method calls in the Onboarding interface use the AllJoyn™ error message handling feature (ER_BUS_REPLY_IS_ERROR_MESSAGE) to set the error name and error message.

Name Message
org.alljoyn.Error.OutOfRange Value provided is out of range
org.alljoyn.Error.InvalidValue Value provided is invalid
org.alljoyn.Error.FeatureNotAvailable Requested feature is not available

Onboarding Interface

Name Version Secured Path
org.alljoyn.Onboarding 1 ✓ /Onboarding


Name Signature Values R/W Description
Version q [1, USHRT_MAX] R Interface version
State n see State table R Configuration state
LastError ns see LastError table R Last error code and message

State Values

Value Description
0 Configuration not set
1 Configuration not validated
2 Configuration is being validated
3 Configuration successfully validated
4 There is an error with the configuration
5 There was an error and the system is in retry mode

LastError Values

Value Description
0 Connection Validated
1 Network Unreachable
2 Unsupported Protocol
3 Not authorized
4 Error


The following methods are exposed by a BusObject that implements the Onboarding interface.

n ConfigureWifi('ssn')

Message Parameters

Index Name Signature Values Description
0 SSID s Valid SSID Target network ID
1 passphrase s Valid passphrase Target network passphrase
2 authType n see authType table Target network authentication method

authType Values

Value Description
-3 WPA2 (auto-determine protocol)
-2 WPA (auto-determine protocol)
-1 ANY
2 WPA with TKIP protocol
3 WPA with CCMP protocol
4 WPA2 with TKIP protocol
5 WPA2 with CCMP protocol

Reply Parameters

Index Name Signature Values Description
0 status n see status table Operational status of onboardee

status Values

Value Description
1 Concurrent connection (i.e. fast channel switching) is not supported
2 Concurrent connection is supported


Sends the target network information to the onboardee. When the authType is set to ANY, the onboardee must try out all the possible authentication types it supports to connect to the target network.

Error Reply

Error Description
org.alljoyn.Error.OutOfRange unrecognized authType
org.alljoyn.Error.InvalidValue passphrase is invalid


Message Parameters


Reply Parameters



Instructs onboardee to connect to the target network. The onboardee should use the concurrency feature, if available.


Message Parameters


Reply Parameters



Instructs onboardee to disconnect from the target network, clear the network configuration fields, and return to SoftAP mode.

qa(sn) GetScanInfo

Message Parameters


Reply Parameters

Index Name Signature Values Description
0 age q [1, USHRT_MAX] Minutes elapsed since scan was performed
1 scanList a(sn) SSID + see authType table List of found networks


Scans all the Wi-Fi access points in the onboardee's proximity.

Error Reply

Error Description
org.alljoyn.Error.FeatureNotAvailable GetScanInfo method not supported



ConnectionResult signal is not a Sessionless signal.

Message Parameters

Index Name Signature Values Description
0 resultCode n see LastError table Result of connection attempt
1 resultMessage s Descriptive message


This signal is emitted when the attempt to connect to the target network is completed. The signal is sent over the AllJoyn™ session established over the SoftAP link.

This signal will be received only if the concurrency feature is supported by the onboardee.

Introspect XML

<node xmlns:xsi=""
   <interface name="org.alljoyn.Onboarding">
      <property name="Version" type="q" access="read"/>
      <property name="State" type="n" access="read"/>
      <property name="LastError" type="(ns)" access="read"/>
      <method name="ConfigureWifi">
         <arg name="SSID" type="s" direction="in"/>
         <arg name="passphrase" type="s" direction="in"/>
         <arg name="authType" type="n" direction="in"/>
         <arg name="status" type="n" direction="out"/>
      <method name="Connect">
<annotation name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Method.NoReply" value="true" />
      <method name="Offboard">
         <annotation name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Method.NoReply" value="true" />
      <method name="GetScanInfo">
         <arg name="age" type="q" direction="out"/>
         <arg name="scanList" type="a(sn)" direction="out"/>
      <signal name="ConnectionResult">
         <arg type="(ns)" />
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