Jungle Scout Discount Code & Coupon February 2023: Save Up to 55% OFF

Looking for the best Jungle Scout Discount code?

Continue reading as we have listed some of the best discount coupons for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Discount

Official Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon Codes 2023

Jungle Scout offers discount codes or promo codes to new and existing users.

Best of all, Jungle Scout Annual Plans can save you up to $240.

Further, the Basic plan can be purchased for only $149 through a three-month subscription package.

Offer 1:

  • Plans: Suite ($149) 
  • Discounts: 60% Off
  • Suitable for: Getting started with Amazon FBA for beginners

Offer 2:

  • Plans: Suite Plus ($449)
  • Discounts: 73% Off
  • Suitable for: Start-ups and growing businesses

Offer 3:

  • Plans: Professional ($649)
  • Discounts: 81% Off
  • Suitable for: Amazon sellers who have established their businesses

Offer 4:

Jungle Scout New Year Sale: Special Jungle Scout Coupons

Jungle Scout released some special discounts and offers for users this new year. These offer amazing discounts and promo codes exclusively:

PlansDiscountsSuited to
Suite ($149) —75% OffBeginners starting Amazon FBA
Suite Plus ($449)70% OffStarting & growing sellers
Professional ($649)71% OffEstablished Amazon Sellers
Master Bundle ($999)60% OffMaster Amazon Sellers (Ninjas)

How to claim the Jungle Scout Discounts & Coupons?

If you have a Jungle Scout coupon or promo code then you can redeem it by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Jungle Scout website and choose the plan that you would like to purchase.

Jungle Scout Pricing Options

Step 2: Click the Sign-Up button to start the purchase process.

Only package plans are eligible for this discount. If you select monthly pricing, you’ll have to pay the full price.

You can see that there are three package plans accessible on this page, each of which has a three-, six-, or one-year validity period. Select one of the plans to move on to the following phases. Click the “Buy Now” button to go to the next screen.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Step 3: Enter your email address and set up a password to register the Jungle Scout account.

Jungle Scout Billing Page

Step 4: Click on ‘Next’ and you will be redirected to the Payment page. Enter the credit card information and proceed to checkout.

Jungle Scout payment page infornation

Step 6: If the coupon code is valid and can be applied to your purchase, the discount will be applied to the total price.

Step 7: Review the final price and click the “Purchase” button to complete the transaction.

Be sure to go through the specifications associated with the Jungle Scout coupon code to ensure that it can be applied to your purchase.

Why choose Jungle Scout?

There are several reasons why e-commerce sellers may choose to use Jungle Scout.

Amazon sellers prefer Jungle Scout because it offers a range of helpful features and tools along with a convenient user interface that can help them find and sell profitable products more easily.

Jungle Scout provides access to a huge database of verified suppliers, making it easier for sellers to source products for their e-commerce business.

One thing that sets Jungle Scout apart from some of its competitors is its accuracy in providing sales estimates and other data.

It uses data from actual sales on Amazon to provide accurate and up-to-date information on product demand and performance.

This can save sellers a lot of time and effort in the product research process.

Additionally, Jungle Scout provides insights about the competition, including the top sellers and their products, which can help sellers understand the market and make informed decisions about their product listings.

Jungle Scout Key Features:

Here are some of the main features of Jungle Scout.

1. Keyword research: Jungle Scout includes tools for conducting keyword research and finding relevant keywords to target in product listings and advertising campaigns.

2. Product tracking: With Jungle Scout, users can track the performance of specific products over time, as well as that of their competitors, in real time, including sales and revenue data.

Identifying trends can help sellers understand how their products are performing in comparison, adjust their strategies, and make informed business decisions.

Jungle Scout- Product Tracker

3. Product database: Jungle Scout offers a product database feature that helps sellers plan and executes successful product launches on Amazon.

The Product Database is a tool that can be used to generate product ideas, calculate fees, and uncover the potential of over 475 million products from Amazon.

Jungle Scout- Product database

4. Profit calculator: Jungle Scout includes a profit calculator that estimates the potential profitability of a product based on its sales data and other factors.

5. Chrome extension: Jungle Scout offers a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly access product data and other features while browsing Amazon.

With the Jungle Scout extension, you can get information from searches on Amazon or from specific pages. This extension will be added to your web browser, and when you go to the Amazon website, it will work.

Jungle Scout- chrome extension

6. Sales estimator: Jungle Scout provides an accurate and up-to-date sales estimator for products on Amazon, which can be helpful for sellers who are looking to make informed decisions about what products to sell and how to price them.

7. Listing optimization: Jungle Scout has a product listing optimizer that can help sellers craft more effective titles and descriptions for their products, as well as a keyword research tool that can help them identify high-demand keywords to include in their listings.

8. Review Automation: The review automation feature allows you to request for a review whenever a user buys the product. This helps improve rankings and create better reputation.

Jungle Scout- Review Automation

9. Inventory Manager: Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager is a useful tool for Amazon sellers looking to streamline their inventory management and keep their businesses running smoothly.

The tool shows you how much of each product you have in stock, how much you’ve sold, and how much you need to reorder to maintain a healthy inventory level.

You can use the Inventory Manager to create and send purchase orders to your suppliers directly from the tool. It also helps you forecast your future inventory needs based on your past sales data.

Jungle scout- Inventory Manager

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans 2023: Jungle Scout Offers & Discounts

Jungle Scout has a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets.

Here is an overview of the current pricing plans for Jungle Scout.

Web App Plans

Jungle Scout pricing plans option

Jungle Scout offers three different web app plans, which include access to the product database, keyword research tools, product tracking, and other features.

The pricing for these plans is as follows:

  • Lite: $39 per month
  • Standard: $69 per month
  • Business: $149 per month.

When you subscribe to the yearly pricing plan, the monthly pricing slashes to almost 55%. Hence, the Jungle Scout yearly discount will save up to 55% or say $120 on the pricing plans.

Jungle Scout Suite Plan Coupons & Offers: Up to $1,500 OFF Discounts

Jungle Scout suite plan discounts

Jungle Scout also offers the Suite plan discounts which are designed for sellers that need more extensive features along with the Jungle scout tools.

For example, the Jungle Scout suite plan includes Academy training, Q&A session, and weekly sessions.

Here are the three plans offered by Jungle Scout:

Start-up Suite ($189 for 3-Months)

  • 3,500 trackable keywords.
  • 90 days of historical product tracking data.
  • 1 year of historical keyword search data.

Entrepreneur Suite ($349 for 6-Months)

  • 1,000 monthly searches.
  • 200 listings in Listing Grader.
  • 10 marketplaces.
  • 150 product tracking credits.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp ($999 for 12-Months)

  • 500 listings in Listing Grader.
  • 2 year of historical keyword search data.
  • 180 days of historical product tracking data.
  • 1,500 monthly searches.

What is Jungle Scout Academy?

Jungle Scout- amazon academy

Jungle Scout Academy offers courses, training materials, and resources to help sellers learn how to sell effectively on Amazon.

The academy provides a range of courses covering topics such as product research, sourcing, pricing, marketing, and branding.

It also offers live coaching sessions with industry experts and access to a community of successful sellers. 

Jungle Scout Refund Policy

Jungle Scout’s refund policy may vary depending on the type of subscription or plan you have purchased.

According to Jungle Scout’s website, the company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on its annual subscriptions.

To request a refund under the money-back guarantee, you will need to contact Jungle Scout’s customer support team within the first 14 days of your subscription.

If you cancel your monthly subscription, you will not be charged for any future billing periods.

It’s a good idea to review the refund policy carefully before purchasing a Jungle Scout subscription to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations.

Is Jungle Scout Worth It?

Jungle Scout is a one-stop shop for solving all Amazon problems. You can use it to identify trends, perform market research and analyze the best-selling products.

Jungle Scout provides various features that include finding profitable niches, uncovering high-traffic keywords, and getting the desired data.

Jungle Scout is the most accurate tool in the industry with an accuracy rate of around 84.1%.

On top of that, the Jungle Scout academy can assist you in learning everything you will need to start selling on Amazon and grow your business to the next level if you are just starting out and have no prior experience with doing so.

Jungle Scout’s tools are all simple to use and locate.

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Final Thoughts On Jungle Scout Discount

By all means, it is a jungle-sized help for Amazon sellers. It’s like a sherpa, guiding you through the dense and treacherous Amazon marketplace.

So don’t get lost in the jungle – grab a Jungle Scout Coupon and start scaling the ranks of e-commerce success.

Just be sure to enter the promo code before you check out, or you might miss out on the loot. Happy hunting!”

Frequently Asked Questions on Jungle Scout Discounts

How does Jungle Scout differ from the browser extension?

Jungle Scout web app can be accessed through your web browser. Among the features, you can access with Jungle Scout are product research, keywords, listings, etc. Jungle Scout is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets you do research on the go.

Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial?

There is no free trial offered by Jungle Scout, but they do offer a seven-day money-back guarantee. So, essentially you can give it a try for free.

Is Jungle Scout compatible with any payment methods?

With Jungle Scout, you can make credit card payments via MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. In case you do not have a credit card, you can email support@junglescout.com, and they will send you an invoice through PayPal.

How much can you save using Jungle Scout discount coupons?

The Jungle Scout discount code lets you save up to $240 on the Jungle Scout annual plan. Furthermore, discounts on the Jungle Scout plan can save you up to 60% in this year’s Black Friday sale.

In which marketplaces does Jungle Scout operate?

All of the major marketplaces are supported by Jungle Scout. It supports Canada, the US, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the UK, and many other marketplaces. There are, however, some features of Jungle Scout that are restricted only to the US market.

Are there any money-back guarantees offered by Jungle Scout?

Yes, Jungle Scout has a seven-day refund policy. You should request a refund within seven days of making the payment if you wish to cancel Jungle Scout.

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