Unbounce Review 2023: Is It The Best Landing Page Builder?

In this Unbounce review article, I will discuss why it is the best option when you want to create a highly converting landing page.

The ultimate goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads and customers for your business.

If your current landing page builder is not effectively assisting in achieving this objective, it may be time to consider switching to a more effective solution.

To address this issue, I have turned to Unbounce, which has proven to be the most comprehensive and efficient landing page builder available.

Specifically, I have been utilizing Unbounce for our latest venture with great results.

Unbounce review

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a user-friendly, drag-and-drop landing page builder founded in 2009 by a team of 6 individuals.

Unbounce Official Website

They created Unbounce due to their frustration with the time-consuming process of waiting for developers to build landing pages for every marketing campaign.

Unbounce predates many other similar tools in the market and is considered a pioneer in the landing page builder space.

Additionally, Unbounce has expanded its capabilities to include creating popups and sticky bars, making it a comprehensive platform for conversion optimization.

One of the key features of Unbounce is its built-in A/B testing capability, making it easy to test landing pages, popups, and sticky bars.

Pros and Cons Of Unbounce

Here are quick pros & cons of Unbounce.

Quickly create variants for testingYou can’t split-test existing landing pages created outside of Unbounce
Highly customizableForm builder lacks some key features
Build and publish landing pages fasterYou can’t add custom classes to buttons
Great landing page builder
Good split testing functionality
Excellent templates and third-party sources

It is true that some aspects of Unbounce may require additional work initially. However, similar issues may arise when using other landing page builders such as Instapage and Leadpages.

Despite these drawbacks, Unbounce ultimately saves time and effort in the long run, becoming a necessary tool once it is fully integrated.

What Are The Features Of Unbounce?

Unbounce offers a variety of options for creating landing pages, from building from scratch to using pre-designed templates, making it simple to quickly launch a landing page.

Here are some of the key features of Unbounce that you need to know.

  • Dynamic Text Replacement allows you to change the text on a page without writing any code, simply by modifying the URL. This feature can be easily set up and is especially useful when using Unbounce pages in conjunction with Google Ads campaigns.
  • Speed – Unbounce places a strong emphasis on page speed, and they work diligently to ensure that pages load quickly. They handle the hosting setup and include image optimization, eliminating the need to tinker with server configurations or troubleshoot slow page load times caused by plugins.
  • A/B testing – Unbounce makes it easy to run A/B tests by allowing you to duplicate page variants and divide traffic with just a few clicks. This feature is useful for identifying which page yields higher conversions.
  • Smart Traffic is a conversion tool that utilizes AI technology to direct traffic to the most appropriate landing page automatically.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) landing pages are designed to load quickly, with speeds up to 85% faster than traditional mobile pages.

Unbounce A/B Testing

Unbounce stands out for its unlimited A/B testing capabilities, also known as split testing, which allows you to create multiple versions of a landing page and compare their performance.

This feature was a major factor in our decision to use the software. The traffic is divided between the versions and you can monitor the results in the Unbounce dashboard.

Our team found the A/B testing process to be easy and straightforward, even for those without technical expertise. One limitation we encountered is that A/B testing cannot be applied to landing pages created outside of Unbounce.

This is a common limitation among landing page builders, but some optimization platforms like VWO and Google Optimize do offer the ability to optimize pages created outside their platforms.

Unbounce Pricing Options

Unbounce offers 3 main pricing plans:

Unbounce Pricing Plans

The main differences between the plans are based on the number of conversions and visitors per month, as well as the total number of connected domains.

Currently, Unbounce’s pricing starts at $90 per month if paid monthly, or $81 per month if paid annually.

For a more detailed breakdown of the plans, you can refer to the Unbounce pricing page.

To determine the best plan for you, it is recommended to start with the Optimize plan, unless you expect to have more than 1,000 conversions and 30,000 visitors at the start.

You can always upgrade later. To save money, you can pay annually for a 20% discount using Unbounce coupon code.

Does Unbounce Offer a Free Trial?

Unbounce offers a 14-day trial period that allows you to fully test the platform with minimal restrictions.

Unbounce 14-Day Trial Offer

You will need to provide the credit card information to start the trial, but you can cancel at any time within the 14-day window without being charged.

Additionally, canceling the trial is straightforward and can be done independently without the need for support assistance, unlike some other landing page tools.

Top Unbounce Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives to Unbounce.

1. Instapage

Instapage is a bit more costly, with plans starting at $99 per month on a yearly subscription, but it offers more features than Unbounce’s base plan.

instapage Official Website

With Instapage, you can create conversion-focused landing pages, even if you don’t have an existing website or online presence.

It offers more analytics, a wider selection of templates, 40 integrations, and other features.

If you need more than what Unbounce’s Essential plan offers but don’t want to pay for the Premium plan, Instapage may be a good option for you.

2. LeadPages

Leadpages is a well-known landing page builder for small and medium-sized businesses.

Leadpages Official Website

It markets itself as an easy and cost-effective solution for small businesses to reach their audience, collect leads, and make sales.

It claims to provide an easy way to create landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.

While this may sound similar to other landing page builders on the market, Leadpages has its own features and user interface.

Final Thoughts On Unbounce Review

In my personal experience, I have tried several major landing page builders, including Unbounce, Instapage, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and Landingi.

Out of all of them, Unbounce is my top choice in 2023.

This is due to its balance of ease of use and advanced customization options, enabling me to accomplish almost any task with it.

Additionally, the inclusion of popups and sticky bars in Unbounce eliminates the need for additional tools like OptinMonster or Sumo, as they work seamlessly on my WordPress website.

If you are looking for a user-friendly landing page builder with powerful features and exceptional customer support, I highly recommend Unbounce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good conversion rate Unbounce?

A conversion rate of 12% is considered to be good for lead-generation landing pages. This is based on the analysis of more than 64,000 landing pages across 10 popular industries, which shows that a 12% conversion rate is higher than that of 90% of competitors.

Can you add countdown timers to your landing pages?

Yes, Unbounce has recently introduced a new feature that allows you to add a sense of urgency to your landing pages by displaying the expiration date of a deal to users.

Is Unbounce easy to use?

Unbounce is an all-in-one solution that enables businesses to design and develop high-converting landing pages without the need for a developer. The platform’s drag-and-drop builder makes it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Are Unbounce pages indexed?

By connecting your domain, you enable your pages hosted on Unbounce to appear on Google search results pages as they will be indexed by search engines. Without connecting a domain, pages hosted on unbouncepages.com will not be indexed and will not appear in search results.

Is Unbounce responsive?

Unbounce allows you to design responsive landing pages that adjust to both desktop and mobile devices. This feature helps you to increase conversions. Once you have created a landing page for the desktop, most of the work for creating a mobile-friendly version is already done.

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