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New era of the Internet

The way we access the Internet has changed rapidly over the past few years, transitioning from desktops to mobile devices. Now, the Internet is expanding again—coming to the devices found in our homes, businesses, factories, and cities.

Dedicated resources and a vibrant ecosystem to help you create powerful, connected products that open new market opportunities.

AllJoyn in an open source framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and securely communicate with each other. Developers can use the standard interfaces defined by the AllSeen Alliance working groups or add their own interfaces to create new experiences.

Discover how products that are AllJoyn® Certified connect and interact with each other simply and securely, so you can create the customized experience you want.

AllSeen’s standardization efforts are complementary to Kii’s platform, distribution and monetization focus for device manufacturers to develop IoT solutions.
AllSeen Alliance
Masanari Arai
CEO, Kii
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